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Best Instagram Hashtags Generators You Should Know in 2021

If you haven’t used Instagram hashtags now, you just had trouble searching for them in the app. In fact, this simple tool can multiply your reach on Instagram by many times. People who tend to follow certain tags will see your publications automatically in their feed if you apply them. In order to boost your growth strategy free of charge and organically, use any of the smart online generators provided in this article. 

Most of them work by displaying hashtags based on certain keywords that you indicate. Any hashtags generator will show you the relevant ideas, but each tool is different in some way – you will learn the peculiarities below. What is most convenient, you can copy the tags from there and paste them into your documents or right in captions. Unfortunately, there is no possibility in the application so far.

Let’s take a closer look at services that will help you increase your reach. 

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Best Instagram hashtags generators – save the list 

#1 Bigbangram 

This service includes not only smart Hashtags Generator but an advanced online desktop chat for Instagram, a tool for content planning, a Link in bio, the unique Hot Clients service, and a smart bot that will attract the attention of the potential target audience. 

This generator is super easy and minimalistic – you will explore a huge base of hashtags that you may easily copy and use for promotion. You can enter several keywords at once so that the service searches for all synonymous variants that are related to your keyword.

What is more, in the search results, you will see similar hashtags that will contain a keyword directly,  along with related tags that will contain all sorts of synonyms to the original word. Conveniently, all results will be grouped by competitiveness. For example, hard, medium, and simple tags will be displayed with the number of posts they contain in the gallery. This will help you understand how harsh the competition is and understand the chances to reach the top. The creators of the service advise combining tags from three different categories.

Moreover, the service also offers a search by image or by link to a post. You can insert any visual or URL to an already published post and the system will scan the picture and show what is relevant. You can copy the ready set with one click. 

#2 Kicksta

This is another service that every manager of an Instagram account should know. In addition to automation and other services, here you will find a convenient easy-to-use tag generator. What sets it apart from other services is that here you can organize dedicated campaigns by hashtag groups. The service does not require any payment from you, however, because of this, its functionality is a bit more elementary if compared with the paid ones.

A handy feature is the ability to sort the tags by category. Thus you can group them according to the different types of content that you publish.

Moreover, you can click on each tag and see visuals in the gallery. With this, you can estimate how great your chances are to be at the top. In addition, the tool will provide you with relevant recommendations.

#3 Hashtagify

With this generator, you can find tags not only for the company on Instagram but also for Twitter. As you know, on this social network hashtags are of great importance. With this service, you can better your products through the most discussed relevant Twitter topics. It offers detailed statistics on tags – you can find out what is trendy right now in different countries.

To top it all, you will be able to see the content of bloggers and examine the tags they use. Conveniently, you can save the ideas in built-in bookmarks.

#4 HashtagForLikes 

If you need to organize a company to promote your brand across platforms, like TikTok, be sure to pay attention to this generator. It contains the best ideas for this social network, combined with Instagram hashtags. Also with the help of this tool, you will be able to find recommendations based on information about your business.

The site will display new ideas based on what tags your competitors are using. By the way, there is an opportunity here to monitor your competitors, depending on the niche you are working in.

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