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HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL Optical Gaming Keyboard Review

Hator Rockfall EVO TKL is a budgetary gaming device that provides a comfortable user experience. It is a wired gaming keyboard with RGB lighting to make your gaming more authentic.   

The keyboard is a tested choice for cyber-sportsmen and people who engage in esports betting site online. If you want to try a new gaming device, Hator Rofcfall EVO TKl is an optimal choice. 


  • Number of buttons: 87 
  • Connectivity: USB
  • RGB Lighting 
  • Switches type: Optical 
  • Durability: 80 million keystrokes 


Hator TKl is a ten-less keyboard without the Numpad section. The “Enter” button takes one line. There are no indicators for Caps-Lock, Num, and Scroll; the buttons become a bit brighter when the functions are active. 

The keyboard is made of durable plastic and reinforced with a metal frame. The weight of the device is 735g. Overall, it is a lightweight and compact device. It easily fits almost any setup and has several color options. The keyboard has two legs that lift the device upward for a few millimeters. A nice touch for placing the keyboard in a comfortable position. 

The keyboard’s cable is 1.8m long, with the braid for additional reinforcement. 

Another feature of the keyboard’s design is an inscription on the front panel “…to the best haters.” It may be pretty confusing, and people still wonder what the company was trying to say.

It seems that this message is for fierce сritics and loyal fans of the Hator brand. 


Keep Going!
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The main feature of the keyboard is optical switches. Optical switches register the button press when the сap of the button crosses the laser’s beam. That results in a faster response and prolonged period of usage. 

The speed of response is similar to the mechanical keyboards. Therefore, there’s no big difference between these types of devices. However, optical switches sound less noisy than mechanical but more distinct than membrane ones. A perfect compromise between the two options. 

Hator Rockfall EVO TKL uses Kailh Optical Black switches. They are similar to Cherry MX blue technology. The keyboard feels responsive and gives pleasant feedback. The device works well with racing games, any shooter game, and flying simulators. However, the typing may feel a bit stiff before you get used to it. 

The keyboard is very durable. The switches are capable of 80 million keystrokes. The frame is moist-proof, which makes Hator an even more reliable gaming device. 

Additional Features 

One of the prominent features of the keyboard is its RGB lighting. It supports 16,8 million colors and a bunch of different modes. You can make the keyboard glow with different colors, highlight certain areas, or set the “temperature” mode. 

In this mode, the keys will start with “cold” colors and will slowly “heat up” as you use them. Then, they will gradually “cool.” RGB lighting makes the keyboard unique and provides tons of customization options. Besides, the keyboard has specialized software that can help to tweak your lighting even better. 

Besides, the keyboard supports programmable macros. You can set up to twelve buttons. Due to the absence of some keys, a lot of combinations are made with the Fn button, like on laptops. 


Hator Rockfall EVO TKL is a decent gaming device for a reasonable price. It has all the necessary features for the gaming keyboard: customizable lighting, durable switches, and a compact frame. 

The keyboard may feel a bit odd during the long typing sessions. However, the primary goal of the device is to provide an excellent gaming experience. The keyboard has nice tactile feedback but does not sound too noisy. If you were looking for a first gaming keyboard, then Hator Rockfall EVO TKL would be a perfect choice. 

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