Amazon Prime Releases “Wheel of Time” Teaser Trailer!

At long last, we have our first look at Amazon Prime’s upcoming epic fantasy series, “The Wheel of Time!” For a teaser, there is actually a LOT of shown.

Scenes from the Two Rivers, Tar Valon, the gates of The Ways, Shadar Logoth, and much, much more. The sheer epic scale of this sort of alleviates a lot of our fears about the series. It certainly appears that Amazon has taken the time to do the series right.

You can see our gallery breakdown from the teaser here, scroll down to watch it!

Showrunner Rafe Judkins and series star Rosamund Pike took to Twitter to answer fan questions about the teaser. We highly suggest reading through the responses!

As you can see, it’s set to hit Amazon on November 19th, 2021. Season 2 is already in production.