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Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants Zendaya for “Buffy” Reboot

Into every generation a slayer is born. While thinking of “Buffy the Vampire Slayerseries, it’s hard to separate the actual show from the creator. Kinda like “Harry Potter” and that mysterious author who we’d rather not name. But one things’ for certain, the cultural impact of the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring “Buffy” is still felt today.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Warner Bros. Pictures

While speaking with author Evan Ross Katz about their new book “Into Every Generation A Slayer Is Born,” Gellar answered the almost ever-present question- if “Buffy” to were to get rebooted, who would she want to see as the Slayer?

“I vote Zendaya,” Gellar answered.

“That would be amazing,” Julie Benz, who played Darla on “Buffy” and spinoff “Angel,” agreed.

We’re not quick to jump on a reboot train, but seeing “Dune” star Zendaya in such a role would be awesome. Especially if the right creative team takes control of Sunnydale’s hellmouth.

Into Every Generation A Slayer Is Born,” written by Evan Ross Katz, is available to order now.

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