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New Starbucks Cat Mug Will Kick off 2021 Spooky Season

Sorry summer, spooky season is coming early! Get your fall vibes on with this adorable Starbucks cat mug.

Black cats tend to get a bad wrap. They’re believed to be a sign of bad luck. But we will not stand for black cat slander in this corner of the internet!

How can something so cute be a sign of something bad?

2021 Starbucks cat mug with orange witch's hat and golden stirring spoon.
Image: eBay
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This Starbucks cat mug is part of their 2021 Halloween collection, according to eBay posts. 

The black rounded mug features big bright orange cat eyes and adorable tiny cat ears. It comes with an orange witch’s hat, complete with holes for the ears to peek through. An

added bonus is the golden stirring spoon!

Your new coffee (or tea) buddy costs $25.55 over on eBay right now. If you buy more than one, you can get this Starbucks cat mug for even cheaper!

Almost 600 units have been sold by this particular seller. If you’re a Starbucks mug collector, you’ll want to grab this one quickly before they sell out or the price goes up!

More Starbucks Cat Mugs

This isn’t the first time a black cat has been the star of a Starbucks collection. The coffee brand has used a black cat in several of their previous Halloween collections. 

Here’s another Starbucks cat mug from 2019, released in Taiwan. This vampire kitty doesn’t want to drink your blood. He wants to cozy up with you and some hot chocolate!

2019 Starbucks cat mug with vampire theme.
Image: eBay

This little guy from the 2018 Starbucks Japan collection serves a serious side-eye. He’s definitely not judging you for that 3rd cup of coffee.

2018 Starbucks cat mug with golden eyes and orange and black striped scarf.
Image: eBay

Starbucks Taiwan offered up this adorable Starbucks cat mug duo in 2020. Purrfect for that pumpkin spice latte! 

2020 Starbucks cat mug duo. Left: orange mug with black cat face cutout; Right: black cat mug with pumpkin eye mask.
Image: eBay

Last, but certainly not least, this beautiful double-walled glass cup. It’s shaped like a pumpkin and features cute spiders in party hats! The inner wall is a cat paw, adding to the cute factor. It comes with a cover that has a black cat pouncing on a pumpkin. 

double-walled orange glass with silicone cup cover featuring a black cat on top of jack-o-lantern.
Image: eBay

Collecting Starbucks cat mugs seems to be a little pricey, but we have to spend our money somewhere! Why not on adorable cat mugs?!

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