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Travelling to Esports Tournament

If you are an eSports player and want to go abroad for overseas competitions, this article is for you. For years, eSports has been a global phenomenon for today’s young generation. That’s why companies are working on taking part in foreign competitions. For example, participants from all over the world travel to the Philippines to take part in the World Championship of  Dota 2 Pro. It is similar to other games like Smite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, and more too.

Getting your visa to the destination country is the trickiest part of the overall process and you can reach out to the best immigration lawyers in Glasgow for more information about traveling to esports events.

One thing you must remember when going to travel to take part in any tournament is that it is not a casual trip and you are representing your country. Whilst on a global platform, your actions reflect highly onto your country of origin. Your actions can have a major impact.  No matter how well prepared you are, you should read these tips to start a trip to the Philippines when going abroad.

Here are some important tips for e-sports players venturing abroad:

1 – Bring your gaming equipment

This is extremely essential. As any professional gamer knows, you’re only really comfortable playing on your own equipment. Small matters such as DPI and mechanical keyboards make a huge difference whilst performing on the global stage. Sometimes you might take part in group practice before the competition begins. You can’t go abroad and buy other gaming devices like a mouse, keyboard and headset. This will only increase your spending instead of saving any money. It is better that you bring all the equipment of the game in a separate bag and do not put them together with your other things. Make everything ready you require for the game a day before the main game. This will give you a start when you bring the necessary gaming equipment like your “backpack” to take part in a foreign competition.

2 – Learn About the Culture Of the Community

Another strategy for eSports athletes traveling for an international tournament is to understand and learn about the destination’s culture. A common feature of most destinations regarding tourists is that they are friendly. As long as you show them that you are also friendly, they will look at you very kindly. Another way to learn about their culture is to ask your friends to understand. In case you do not have any friends in the destination already, it is recommended you make one now. Try connecting over social media. It would not be a problem for you as most countries mostly speak English in Asia.

3 – Do Not Rely On A Single Opportunity

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You must not rely upon only a single opportunity as it is quite risky. For example, money is important every time you travel. Do not put everything in one bag. The world consists of thieves who are innovative and clever to steal your valuables like money, jewelry, etc. Make sure you have more than one wallet or bank/credit card – in case you lose your valuables while traveling abroad.

4 – Learn from experienced players

Connect with players who already have taken one tour and taken part in a tournament. You can even ask for guidance from your opponent players.  One of the former players on the DotA 2 Pro team shared his experience when he went abroad to compete with other teams at the World Championships. As he and his team prepared for the competition, people from other teams joined in about their eSports experience. As with other sports, a competitor can be your friend inside and outside the tournament.

 The Conclusion

As an eSports player, getting help from experienced individuals is an excellent option. 

We would like to say that implementing these simple tips will give you a successful feel inside and outside the image of foreign tournaments. Since the Philippines is one of the selected countries to host the Games, it’s time for you to use the tips we have shared. 

Hopefully following our mentioned tips will help you complete the whole process without any issues and you will not have to worry about anything other than winning some trophies and having fun!

But keep in mind you need to have proper communication with authorities so that you are updated about the whole situation and you don’t run into any problem at the last minute.  

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