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“The Flash” Episode 150, ‘Heart of the Matter Part 1’ [Recap, Review]

The Flash’s” 150th episode is here! Appropriately titled “Heart of the Matter Part 1,” because we are focusing on Godspeed AKA August Heart and the Godspeed War. So let’s dive into the review/recap for “The Flash’s” 150th episode.

For those of you who have watched The CW’s “The Flash” since the beginning, I think a fairly common criticism is that the show has slowly gotten worse and worse. Aside from some epic crossovers, I can honestly say that I haven’t REALLY enjoyed “The Flash” since season 1. Here’s to hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

With that being said, I do check in from time to time. Whenever there’s a character from the comics, a crossover, or some monumental moment in the show’s legacy. Episode 150 is one of those moments that I couldn’t miss.

Despite the awful photoshop on Impulse’s announcement photo, I was still excited to see a live action Impulse. The last time we saw one was back in “Smallville!” (Another favorite of mine)

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Anyways! Episode 150 starts out with a brother/sister team up against August Heart/Godspeed (Karan Oberoi). Nora West-Allen/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Bart West-Allen/Impulse (Jordan Fisher) have great chemistry and show that they’ve been trained by their father and that they still have access to Gideon. Bart’s suit looks great and the graphics stay consistent during this scene. Although I think the VFX have gone downhill.

The West-Allens go back to Barry’s time and it’s a reunion of sorts. First time for Team Flash, but the siblings know everyone! They’re very charming and we all wish they could stay. Thanks to the Godspeed clones charging themselves in the speedforce; we get to have XS and Impulse stay with us in the present.

Jordan Fisher as Bart/Impulse. Photo: Bettina Strauss / The CW

The West-Allen family unites and speeds over to stop more Godspeed clones. But oddly enough, the clones were all fighting each other. The speedster family splits up, the Godspeeds only go after Impulse, then disappear into the speedforce before anything bad can happen.

When the family gets back, Barry forces his future kids to tell him why the Godspeeds only went after Impulse. It turns out that in the CWverse, Godspeed is Impulse’s arch nemesis. He compares him to Barry’s Thawne…Barry doesn’t like that. And Impulse doesn’t like that Barry doesn’t like that…or something. Impulse throws a fit and speeds away to train with XS.

Iris pops out of the “Still Force” and checks in with Barry. I’m honestly not sure what’s going on there but it didn’t grab me. I didn’t really care about where she was or why she popped out in a green energy burst. THEN! Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) and his wife (Michelle Harrison) pop up outta nowhere. He has his speed back and he’s lookin’ good. As he goes to speed over and help Barry, a bunch of Godspeeds come out and grab him.

XS and Impulse are training in the speed lab when all of a sudden, Barry and Iris come out and they have a family pow wow about Godspeed and how he’s not allowed in the field.

Another failed Godspeed battle later, the West-Allen family is arguing again. Anyone noticing a pattern?

Impulse charges into another trap…very impulsively. He thinks he’s saving Jay, but it’s all a big set up by the Godspeed clones. Barry and XS rush over to save him and roll up on him getting blasted by one of the clones. Everyone stares for a while…

XS runs the other Godspeeds away, Barry phases through the main Godspeed and saves Impulse. Jay gets up, he’s fine? Then the 4 speedsters all stand together to face off against the clones. Out of nowhere, Cisco shows up and freezes them all with some tech device. Impulse isn’t waking up. I’m sorry, but that was such a lackluster scene. Here’s hoping for a big final scene!

Team Flash comes up with a plan to put Barry into August Heart’s (Godspeed) mind. I don’t really know what’s going on here, but it’s the classic technology-solves-problems technique they’ve done since season 1.

Barry is in August’s mind and it’s creepy. He begins speaking to August while he’s wearing his Godspeed suit. Godspeed ends the episode with… “You have questions? I have all the answers. This is going to be so much fun.” In a creepy voice. THEN!

To be continued…

Ok, review time! I have been out of “The Flash” game for a while now. But this episode was fine. I wasn’t amazed by anything, but it was cool seeing Impulse make his debut and make references to his cartoon/comic counter part.

Barry and Iris going full parent mode was fun to see too. They’re going to be fully prepared for when little Nora eventually pops out into the world!

The side story lines in “The Flash” never really grabbed me and they still don’t. From earlier seasons with Killer Frost to side quests with Cisco, I’ve always just wanted to focus on what Barry was up to! So I guess I’m just curious as to what Godspeed wants other than to be the fastest or whatever every other speedster wants.

I’ll give this episode 6 stars out of 10. Mostly because we got 5 speedsters and the return of Cisco. But I gotta say, it just does not draw me in like seasons 1-3 used to. Back in the good old days when even the “Freak a week” formula was fun and those last minute cliffhangers kept you wanting more.

Here’s hoping for a “crash” part 2!

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The Flash: S07E17 - "The Heart of the Matter, Part 1"

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