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US Gun Company Faces Backlash From LEGO For The Block19

Toy guns are already a problem because they are often mistaken by authorities as real weapons. This new creation by Culper Precision is on a whole new level of stupid. They say they created the Block19 to “highlight the pure enjoyment of the shooting sports.” But what many are seeing is pure irresponsibility on the manufacturers end.

What happens when a kid sees this and thinks it’s a toy. A common problem in the United States at least is that kids do not know or are not taught gun safety. Or kids think a firearm isn’t loaded when they decide to play with it. This design is just begging for an accident to happen. And LEGO feels the same way. They’ve asked Culper Precision to stop making the custom design.

LEGO has sent a cease and desist letter to Culper Precision. Culper Precision released a statement on their website about why they created the Block19.

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While Culper Precision does have a point about people using this as a platform to talk about why guns are bad, it feels like they created the problem just for the press.

Rather than live in fear of the loud voices on social media we decided to release Block19 in an attempt to communicate that it is ok to own a gun and not wear tactical pants every day and that owning and shooting firearms responsibly is a really enjoyable activity. 

They know exactly what they are doing. After a real weapon disguised as a nerf gun, it’s no wonder the police are paranoid.

More than 140 people were killed in accidents involving children and firearms just last year. Gun manufacturers that do things like this are completely irresponsible and are contributing to a rising problem. A real solution would be to keep guns looking like guns and not toys.

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