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Top 5 Most Popular Explainer Video Maker Tools In 2021

In order to get the maximum income from their activities, modern business owners must keep up with the times using new technologies. Today, short explanatory videos help to attract the potential consumer of services without resorting to complex and costly marketing strategies. Therefore, animated advertising is today the best way to increase brand awareness and popularity. An explainer video software helps to create it quickly and effectively.  

Today’s buyers of goods and services don’t have a lot of time. They don’t have time to watch long videos, even if they’re not of an advertising nature. That’s why creating an explainer video is a great alternative to all the old advertising approaches. These videos:

  • increase the conversion rate;
  • push the viewer to think and analyze;
  • combine the images and the soundtrack harmoniously in themselves.

This article will refer to the explainer video software for creating explainer videos, which are especially popular this year.

Explain Ninja

It is a world-renowned graphic animation platform that provides all the necessary resources for creating animated videos. This explainer video software is adapted for use on social media. There you can make beautiful and original moving pictures, product pages and explainer videos that will quickly promote your brand. An inexpensive paid subscription makes available all the useful features of the editor.


Biteable is a minimalistic, uncomplicated software that meets all the modern requirements. Earlier, the program was actively promoted by such famous brands as Cisco, Virgin and Microsoft, and therefore today it is trusted by almost every explainer video maker

This system offers to freely modify more than 800 thousand ready-made videos and clips. Creating videos with the help of this platform does not require big financial expenses. Downloading the visual content or removing the watermark will be possible with a subscription, which costs $99 per year. 


GoAnimate, newly named Vyond, is one of the best 3d animation companies, which is a producer of high-quality graphic content. The use of this platform gives many benefits to the user. It is a really easy-to-use video editor that supports the drag-and-drop creation method of ready-made solutions. 

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The video editor can use up to a thousand already created characters. Moreover, Vyond’s main benefits are security and privacy. 


When creating an animated clip, this platform gives the maximum freedom to the user. You can choose from thousands of ready-made templates. This literally famous and time-tested brand has been used in Nokia, Amazon and Siemens advertising campaigns. Today Animaker has a user audience of over 7 million accounts worldwide. This highly effective DIY animation program offers to every explainer video maker 5 types of video clip design and 120 animation solutions.


MySimpleShow is a convenient platform for implementing an original approach for creating beautiful and moving images. The software is specifically designed to develop the most complex  professional solutions and it is the best option for modern and expository promotional videos. 

This software lets you create an explainer video that embodies the aspirations and preferences of your customers. In order to not break the law, an explainer video maker must purchase the copyright to the content created. By paying $129 per month, it’s possible to get the rights to the video without any watermarks.      


All of the above explainer video software is very useful for those who want to create short animated videos to promote their own products or services. 

These well-known platforms have now become an indispensable tool for any marketer. Their effectiveness has been proven over the time. This modern software saves the user time, allowing them to produce a quality video content based on ready-made solutions and templates. This possibility is the main advantage of explainer video software

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