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Report: HBO Max Orders 2 Animated “Game of Thrones” Series

This just in- we’re no where near done with the world of “Game of Thrones.” Or at least…HBO Max isn’t. The streaming home of HBO has reportedly ordered the development of 2 animated spinoff series from the universe created by George R. R. Martin. One will reportedly showcase Yi Ti, a region in the continent of Essos mentioned several times in the novels.

As THR reports, The Golden Empire of Yi Ti took its inspiration from Imperial China. Fans should expect to see teases of the land in the upcoming “House of the Dragon” series, as one character, the Sea Snake, sails for Yi Ti.

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The other animated project is reportedly the previously announced (but never officially confirmed) “Flea Bottom” series, all about the seedy underbelly of King’s Landing. Centering in the infamous back alleys of the capitol of Westeros, this series reportedly will shed some light on Flea Bottom, which sits in the shadow of the Iron Throne.

So, we’ll let you know what else we hear about these and other projects. “House of the Dragon,” which obviously centers on the Targaryen dynasty, is set to air sometime in 2022.

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