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Commandments Of Starting Out in Software Development Industry

Are you thinking of starting out in the software development industry? While many people have a thorough experience in the field, some newbies are still searching their way out for learning the software intricacies overnight.

Honestly, it is hardly possible to become a software geek in a few days, but one can learn how to install the foundational stone. 

In this article you will find the top 10 software consulting commandments to ace up your journey in the software development industry. 

Remember, while most of these commandments are for those who are still in the initial phase, they also give way to experienced professionals to revisit their core ideas. 

Top 10 Commandments 

Here’s what you can do and follow if you are just getting started in the software industry! 

  1. Setting Daily Goals 

It is good to think about the development in the long term, but one should focus on setting goals that would bring about an immediate transformation in the development cycle. 

Do not just learn for the sake of it. If you want to start with python, search for tools that would give you the relevant knowledge and skills. 

  1. Go at a steady pace

Remember that you are not supposed to learn everything in one go. As mentioned earlier, this is a diverse field, and if you plan on gulping everything in, the results might not be fruitful. 

Instead, spend an ample amount of time to gain knowledge on one aspect and do not move onto another till you are confident about your skills. 

  1. Making mistakes is how you’ll get there

It is okay if you fail the first few times. It might be the only way that would get you there. Start by setting up a workspace with test files, changing one line, and printing the output each time you do it. Repeat the process using different languages and ways, and do not stop until it makes sense to you. 

  1. Segmentation of challenges

When problems are available in chunks, they don’t seem too big. Break down your goal-achieving strategy into small pieces and plan the solution for each piece separately and with maximum accuracy. 

  1. Talk to other developers 
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Get in touch with programmers and developers around the globe. The online forum has made this job more manageable. Consult your problems with them, discuss, and develop new insights. 

  1. What is version control? 

Version control systems assist you in storing your source codes in the most precise manner every time you make a change to them.

  1. Give yourself enough time to learn

Set aside an hour or two only for learning purposes. Learn something related to programming and software development every week. It would help you master the field. 

  1. Have you done this before?

If you want to maintain the position of being a great programmer, stay away from repeating a task more than once. 

If you feel like it is necessary to repeat a task, then find another way to do so. You’ll be surprised to see the tools present at your disposal. 

  1. Attending workshops 

Common programming techniques and languages attract the attention of many universities, which in turn schedule meet-ups and learning workshops for students yearning to learn them. 

Keep a check on local meet-up groups, and expand your network to learn more! 

  1. Why wait when you can Start now?

You can find numerous online platforms providing adequate knowledge about coding and programming. 

Some of the most renowned of them are Codecademy, R Tutorial, Linux, xkcd,, and Coppola Lab Bioinformatics Training Resources, to name a few. 

Now that you know everything to get started, start your journey right now, without any further ado. 


Programming, as a learning process, is a never-ending field. It doesn’t matter how, when, or where you start from; there is no definite essential end.

The key is to practice hard, make mistakes, and learn from them. Most of us have a zeal for learning but do not have the right path to begin learning. 

Experts say that “starting from scratch” is the hardest part. Once you accomplish it, other things will follow. Use the commandments mentioned above to build the right starting strategy for your software development path. 

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