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Jeff Bezos Heading to Space- Finally Beats Elon Musk at Something

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who officially steps down from the company in July, is finally going to beat Elon Musk at something. The two have had some strange form of rivalry for years, culminating last year with Bezos’ space company Blue Origin filing suit against Musks’ Space X after being awarded a pretty massive government contract to build pieces for the upcoming NASA lunar mission.

This morning, Bezos announced he would be part of the crew for Blue Origin’s first manned space mission, and he’s taking his brother Mark with him.

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Midlife crisis, or true reason for his Amazon departure- we’re not really sure.

Virgin founder Richard Branson is also planning to head to space on Virgin Galactic’s rocket-powered plane, supposedly taking flight sometime in 2022. Musk so far has no plans to live tera firma.

Platform: New Shepard Photo courtesy of Blue Origin
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