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Summer Protection from Bugs and the Sun with MeshPods!

My goth soul is screaming with delight as I’ve discovered I can keep out of the sun even at the beach. Usually one would expect to wear tons of sunscreen and put up a big umbrella. But with this screen pod, all I need to do pop it up and then break it down to fit back in the car!

Love the outdoors but hate the sun? Check out these personal MeshPods that protect you from bugs and the UV rays!

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There are two versions of this nifty item. There is a weather pod and a bug pod. The difference is that the weather pod has a shielded side and the bug pod has screen all around. Each of these are made to fit one adult sized chair but you can also just sit on the ground.

Jokes aside this is also very useful for people with sensitive skin or those who are very allergic to bug bites. You could haul this to your kids soccer games and it would be a great way to get people to not talk to you. It’s kind of like a portable personal space. You may look a little odd sitting in it but for people like me who don’t like the outside it may be what coaxes us out of the house and into the wild.

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I mean I sat out in the sun for 20 minutes and came back looking like a lobster. I’d definitely get one of these so that doesn’t happen again.

Pick your own MeshPods here.

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