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Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits of Bingo Promotions

Quite often there are reports in the media about just how many selling messages we see each day. Some of the latest figures suggest that this may now be as high as 5,000 in a 24-hour period and this is mainly thanks to the explosion of information generated by the internet and social media.

This makes it very difficult for any one message or piece of information to stand out, especially when it’s coming from a very crowded sector, for example online bingo operators.

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So, one of the most effective ways to create cut-through is to run promotions and offers like Lady Luck bingo.

This is aimed at a very specific demographic and offers players the chance to enjoy a bonus spin that can win a variety of prizes each time they deposit stake money. But this is only one particular kind of bingo bonus promotion – there are plenty of others waiting to be enjoyed.

The benefits of promotions

When it comes to marketing, promotions are one of the most powerful tools that any business can have, and that’s why so many different sectors rely on them.

The benefits for customers are many. The first, and most obvious, it that they are getting that bit extra for their money. It may be 10% extra for the same price or the chance to enter a special competition. This not only gives them a material advantage, but it also helps to make the business who is offering the promotion stand out a little more in their minds.

So where there two very similar businesses they could use, but only one is making an offer, it makes choosing that little bit easier.

Promotions can also get many different responses from customers. Some might make them feel like they’re getting especially good value. Others can just be fun to take part in, especially when there’s a competition element involved. They all help to cement the brand in the customer’s mind as one that thinks about them and wants to make great offers.

For businesses, the most obvious benefit is that promotions that work well are certain to generate more business. After all, if even one customer decided to try their product or service thanks to a promotion, that is going to count as a success.

From an analytical perspective, it’s also very easy to judge just how effective a promotion has been by seeing how many people respond to it. Compare this to traditional advertising which is so hard to judge that it’s a famous adage that half of the money spent on it is wasted.

Promotions can also be very useful devices to raise sales during traditionally quiet times of the week, month, or year and also to launch new products or services.

A widespread phenomenon

Even the biggest chains like McDonalds rely on promotions.

This is why you’ll find that even huge companies like Coca Cola and McDonalds rely heavily on sales promotions to boost their businesses and attract even more customers.

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In the ultra-competitive world of online bingo, arguably an even tougher environment than the soft drinks or fast-food industries, promotions are even more important if the key operators want to thrive.

This is great news for bingo fans who now find themselves on the receiving end of many different kinds of promotions and offers.

As well as the Lady Luck promotion we’ve already mentioned, a number of different variations are the most common including these examples.

No deposit bingo

One of the most popular ways to encourage new players is to offer them the chance to play without the need to deposit any money of their own. It’s a great introduction to a site and, once they start, players are likely to continue on a site even when they have to deposit money.

First deposit match bonus

Another very popular promotion is the offer to match an initial deposit with an equal amount of stake money, usually up to a fixed limit. Sometimes this is an offer that goes beyond the first deposit, usually offering a lower match percentage for subsequent deposits. Because both the no deposit and matched deposit offers are such good value, bingo sites generally also have what are known as wagering requirements and time limits by which the bonuses need to be claimed. 

Free bingo

Once customers are established as being regulars, quite often they’re invited to play exclusive free bingo games not generally open to other players. It tends to work out that the more a player uses a particular site, the more free games they’ll be invited to play.

Free spins

Most online bingo sites also have a good selection of slots games to play. So, offering free spins on particular games, or a combination of free spins and matched deposits, is another big favourite for bingo sites. For players this can be a really good promotion as some of the slots games featured offer the chance to win huge jackpots.

Recommend a friend

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Bingo players can get a bonus for recommending their friends to the site.

They say that word of mouth is about the best advertising there is and that’s what lies behind this final promotion. The principle is simple – a player will receive a bonus of some kind for introducing a friend to a site – and their friend will qualify for the joining bonuses on offer.

So, as you can see, there are lots of different promotions and bonuses waiting for you on bingo sites. And all you need to do to start claiming them is to get online today.

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