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How Important Is It to Look for Specialised Reviews from Like Minded People?

The internet is awash with review and comparison sites that aim to inform people so that they can choose what to buy, watch, or play. While this is no doubt a great way to help in the decision-making process, there are some things that people who read reviews should be aware of. Reading reviews from critics who are of a similar mindset can be much more helpful than browsing opinions of someone who is completely different to yourself. This is why you should always seek out specialised reviews from people who know about their subject.

What Are Specialised Reviews?

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Specialised reviews are those that are written by people who have great knowledge of the thing they are discussing. For example, food and film critics are experts in their fields and can be regarded as authorities. But you wouldn’t trust a film reviewer to rate a restaurant or vice versa, would you? Similarly, would you rather hear an expert footballer’s opinion about a football match or that of a basketball player? The best reviews on the internet are written by those who have become leaders in their respective industries, and their opinions are highly regarded.

Whatever your interest may be, there are sites online that have risen to the top and become established in their fields. One of the most famous movie critics was Roger Ebert whose respected site lives on after his death. In gaming, IGN has become one of the most trusted sites for console titles. Metacritic is also a solid choice for comparing entertainment options.

There are plenty of other reviews out there that could be considered aimed at a broader audience. Newspapers have expert critics reviewing all sorts of things, but these people have to aim their reviews at a vast number of different people. In comparison, IGN is mainly read by gamers so the people writing the reviews know who they are talking to.

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Find Critics Who Share Your Point of View

For nerdy people, in particular, it is crucial to read reviews from those who share your point of view and are similar to you in other ways. Can you imagine reading an article about the new Ghostbusters movie from someone who wasn’t even alive when the original was released? Or how about a review of the new World of Warcraft expansion from someone who has no idea about the game’s lore? It wouldn’t make sense to read the opinions of someone who isn’t well versed in the topic. For this reason, you should always seek out the writings or videos of other geeks. Emergency Awesome is one of the best channels on YouTube for this.

It would also be wise to read reviews from your fellow countrymen, who have grown up with the same culture and values. This way, there is a higher chance that your opinions will be similar.

If you’re a British person looking for a review of the latest BBC series, you may want to read the views of someone from the UK rather than an American. Something like the TV Times could be a good option in this situation. Similarly, if you’re a South African looking for casinos in the country, it would be best to use a specialist site that operates there like It’s full of expert reviews from people from the country who have played at all the different sites on offer. It also talks about how they come up with the ratings of each online casino, based on the range of games and payment methods available.

There are many reasons why finding specialised reviews is the way forward before deciding what to purchase online. In addition to finding someone who is an expert in their field, you need to make sure that you are a member of the critic’s target audience. Sharing similar values and views on the world will mean that their opinions about what they are reviewing are likely to be similar to yours. In order to gain a full picture of what people are saying, it is also useful to spend a while perusing the comment section.

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