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Snoop Dogg Developing World’s Dumbest Criminals Unscripted Series

I don’t know what’s more appealing, a show about dumb criminals or the fact that Snoop Dogg will narrate it. To be honest, I am going to live for Snoop telling us all about the dumbest criminals in his smooth voice. But that’s just what I’m excited about, there’s more to this story.

Snoop is developing an unscripted series for NBC’s streaming service Peacock, covering the world’s dumbest criminals. The show is still in the early stages.

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Also, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart are gonna co-host a comedy sports news show. Pretty much the only sports that I ever want to watch is bloopers, so I’m hoping its a lot of that. Hart said that his team at the Laugh Out Loud network are “working on some more hilarious content that will be coming to you soon”. Hart is also working on a Peacock show called “Hart to Heart,” which will be an original interview series.

Snoop Dogg has been making his name in the nerd world whether it be from his amazing Star Trek” mural or his cosplay as Buzz Lightyear. Him working on a couple of new comedy shows is the best news ever. We can’t wait to see him rip on dumb criminals and bad sports plays.

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