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Dog Walker Finds Human Foot, Turns Out to Be a Potato

Back in January of this year, the BBC reported that a dog walker had found what appeared to be human remains. She was out walking her dogs when she came across what she thought was a foot. Worried she called in the authorities to inspect what she had found. The woman from Gateshead sent officers a photograph of what appeared to be a toe poking out of the soil.

Northumbria Police

The police carried out a thorough search in the dark with trained dogs. When they discovered the “toe,” they determined that it was in fact a potato with a mushroom growing next to it.

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Police had a good laugh but did nothing but praise the woman who made the call. If it had been remains they admire her “vigilance” since the call had been made in “good faith.”

They agreed with the woman that the photo did look like a human foot.

Inspector Phil Hamlani said that even if you call and it does turn out to be a vegetable, “our police dogs will thank you for the treat.”

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