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Another Pokémon Promotion at McDonald’s Will Follow NEW Guidelines

Pokémon Snap” is coming out in just three days! Well at the time of this writing anyhow, we’ll see how much that dates this article in the future. McDonald’s has partnered with Nintendo yet again for a new promotion in May for the popular brand. While we don’t know what the toys will be yet, we do know that there are new guidelines for how they are selling them.

Earlier this year, we saw a huge resurgence of Pokémon card collecting. Partially because the brand turned 25. With that came tons of scalpers going to local McDonald’s and grabbing all the Happy Meals they could just so that they could sell the cards. This resulted in McDonald’s changing their policy. Customers had to buy the meal to receive the toy, and you had a limit of 10 per customer. Some stores had smaller limits than that.

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And you could NOT buy the toy separately. It helped some but they only put these protocols in place after it had become a problem.

For this new upcoming promotion they have sent out an internal memo regarding what they will do when the toys hit. Thanks to Nintendo Life we have an idea of what that means. This memo is from stores in the United Kingdom which also had lots of trouble with the previous Pokémon promotion.

“Customers will be limited to purchasing one additional toy beyond their Happy Meal allocation, though there doesn’t appear to be any limit on buying the meals themselves.”

Nintendo Life

Be prepared for strict rules when you pull up to McDonald’s this time around. Some will also have meal limits posted on their speakers for customers inquiring about the toys.

We will keep you updated on what we hear about the toy itself. And if you have time check out some of our lists of best McDonald’s toys from the 90s.

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