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McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Back for a Limited Time

Today McDonald’s dropped an image that has Rick and Morty fans going wild. It’s a picture of a portal, a hand, and a nugget dipped in Szechuan Sauce!! There wasn’t really a date that we could find on the post but McDonald’s did comment “available after 10:30am so you may want to make your way over there and see if they have it. Or call your local McDonald’s and ask before you make the trip.

“Coming Soon, the best sauce in the universe.”

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Last time Szechuan sauce came out they ran out fast. People were left disappointed they couldn’t get their hands on it while others did a happy dance. And some evil doers even listed some on Ebay for crazy prices. Now you have a chance at getting your sauce and trying out just what all the crazy is about!

Are you excited it’s coming back? Tell us in the comments!

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