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Did Hospital Mistake Cause Baby to be Named Korn?!

Imagine finally getting your baby’s birth certificate only to find that the name you wanted was misspelled. What a headache! That’s what apparently happened to one new mom. According to Twitter user Pkkaos, after recently giving birth, the hospital messed up in a big big way.

Pkkaos’ Newborn baby girl Kora had a VERY different name on the birth certificate when it arrived. Instead of Kora, the document reads….Korn.

All I know is that this kid is going to be “Somebody Someone.”

Pkkaos admits she may have been asked to double check the name before submitting the paperwork, but wasn’t really all there. When anyone gives birth, you’re pretty out of it. Think car accident status. That’s also part of why you don’t remember the bad parts just the “aww, baby” parts.

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If the hospital fixes it soon, Pkkaos says that they’ll handle it with ease. It’s when you wait that there are more hoops to jump through. Many states allow new parents six to 12 months to make changes on a child’s birth certificate without requiring a court order.

How could this impact the baby if they wait? Well, for instance my middle name on my social security card was one thing and on my birth certificate another. Government goes by birth certificate, we wanted social security version, but since we waited so long it has to be done in court. So it could cause a whole slew of problems if not handled immediately.

Pkkaos seems to be laughing about this, so we can in good faith say that they’ve got a great sense of humor. They also ask that you check out the cat game they’re working on if you’re reading this.

Maybe Baby Korn could someday have her own heavy metal teacher.

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