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Taco Bell is Finally Bringing Back Their Beefy Potato-rito

Potato lovers, rejoice!  After much customer feedback and a massive fan campaign, Taco Bell has decided to bring a tasty starch item back to their menu.  Thus, potato items were brought back in March.  What’s really exciting is the return of the Potato-rito, which will launch at Taco Bell stores across the U.S. later this month! 

The Potato-rito is a $1 burrito made with potatoes, beef, and nacho cheese, covered in Chipotle sauce, and wrapped up nicely in a tortilla.  Yum! This popular potato item was introduced in 2017 as one of the many limited time items.  Apparently, it was a huge success and many fans voiced their disappointment on Twitter and other platforms when it left the menu.  

Beta rewards members are currently able to purchase them via the mobile app.

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During the height of the pandemic, Taco Bell removed several items in an attempt to dial down their menu and promote efficiency.  Fans wanted otherwise, and were able to convince the company to revive their potato recipes.  

Throughout the years, Taco Bell has made many changes to their menu.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed their introduction of new menu items.  The company has been able to maintain sales by catering to more drive-thru orders.  This sparked a 5% increase in sales in the quarter after the menu changed.  

I really hope Taco Bell is able to revive their Nacho Fries, along with the Potato-rito, as a permanent menu item.  They are always a good snack or side to go along with a meal. 

Beginning April 15th, the Potato-rito will be on the menu for a limited amount of time, unspecified by Taco Bell.  Fortunately, other potato options are here to stay, for now.

Do you visit Taco Bell often?  Are you excited for the return of the Potato-rito?  

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