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Taco Bell Brings Back Nacho Fries to Please Customers

Taco Bell must be trying to make amends to the massive menu cuts they’ve been doing because they’ve decided to bring back a fan favorite. Starting Christmas Eve you will be able to get the highly coveted nacho fries from your local Taco Bell. Whether or not this will tempt those who have now sworn off the fast food chain is still yet to be seen.

Taco Bell

Nikki Lawson, Taco Bell’s chief global brand officer, had this to say:

“In a year as difficult and uncertain as this one was, we know that consumers crave the comforts they love most. That’s why we’re excited to bring back Nacho Fries for our passionate fans to close out this year and kick off 2021 positively and deliciously,”

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Truthfully it does hold some merit. At least I know my kid will eat the fries when I go. But after they took away so many other things that we liked it’s unlikely people will go there still.

The cuts started with the potato burritos and other potato items and gradually going into things like Mexican pizza and shredded chicken menu items. I still maintain my position that you can’t ADD green sauce to the menu and then TAKE shredded chicken off. Don’t they know that shredded chicken and green sauce is THE combination!? Who decided this!?

Anyway that’s my news, that’s it. Just that you’ll be able to get nacho fries from Taco Bell starting Christmas Eve. So Merry Christmas to some people. I’ll still be here stewing over my beloved shredded chicken burritos. RIP.

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