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How To Gain More Listeners on Spotify

The music streaming industry has been on a rapid growth trajectory. Spotify is one of the best-known platforms for this service and has millions of listeners. Therefore, musicians, both new and established ones, can use this platform to grow their listenership and improve their reach, earnings and fans. With Spotify, musicians have a chance to grow their career and music as well. As such, if you are a musician or an upcoming musician, you should think of how to join this platform if you haven’t already. Once you join the platform, you can use another promotional platform such as Spotiflex to make sure your Spotify channel is promoted organically. The good thing with the promotional platforms is that they use natural methods of growing fans and streams.

So, what are some of the best ways one can use to gain more listeners on Spotify? Is it really something tenable? We shall discuss this in this article.

Here are tips to help you to gain more listeners on Spotify:

1.     Register an account with Spotify

This is the first step to your road to success with Spotify. So, how do you go about this process? Well, you should know that Spotify does not give you an option to upload music for free. As such, the right way to get your music on Spotify is through digital music distribution service or through a record label. For independent artists, they have to arrange the distribution of their music through companies such as TuneCore, CDBaby, DistroKid and so on.

2.     Create verified artist profile with Spotify

Here, you should create a profile. The verified artist profile allows artists to access music, marketing tools, create playlists, and so on. You can get your verified artist profile by claiming your profile. Once you are verified, it is possible for you to access Spotify for Artists. When you are verified, there are many benefits that accrue out of this status. Fans know that the artist profile belongs to you and therefore you can get more listeners in the process. Ensure that your verified profile looks professional. It boosts your credibility and will in the process attract playlist curators, music industry professionals as well as fans.

3.     Create Spotify playlists

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You should create playlists and charts as these are the biggest drivers of music streams. It is also one of the fastest ways that millions of listeners can hear your music. Remember that these are going to potential fans. If you can create your own Spotify playlist, you can easily increase the number of streams that you get on your channel. You should create playlists that contain your music as well as that of other artists. When you share such playlists, it’s likely that other artists could also include their music in the playlists. This should bring more listeners to your music.

Here are some tips on playlists:

·        Update your playlist all the time.

·        Try and add or remove tracks as needed; or better still, every other week

·        Pin your playlists on your artist profile. Sharing your playlist on social media brings in more listeners.

·        Add an image to your playlists and give it a name. Create playlists for the various moods.

4.     Share your link on social media platforms

You should share your Spotify link on various social media platforms for more people to get access to your music. In this regard, it is better to create Spotify links for albums, single songs, or even playlists. You can share your song link on Twitter as this generates a playable audio card for the fans. You can also share your songs, albums, or playlists on your Instagram stories. All these social media platforms can help you get more music listeners and also increase your fan base.

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