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New Faces Joining S2 Cast of Netflix’s “The Witcher”

The eagerly anticipated second season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” is hot in production. Adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel series of the same name, a whole cast of new characters have been announced for season 2.

First among the names “The Witcher” fans are excited to hear is the sorceress extraordinaire Philippa Eilheart. Devious, severe and quite sassy, Philippa is a fan favorite character and major feature of the source material. Donning the robes of Philippa Eilheart will be British actress Cassie Clare (“Brave New World“).

Another notorious character making the list of new faces is the suave and cold-heart intelligence agent Sigismund Dijkstra. Finding series hero Geralt a thorn in his side on more than one occasion, Dijkstra is a master of double-crossing, conspiracy and all manner of shadowy work. Stepping into the role of Dijktra will be veteran actor Graham McTavish (“Outlander“). Known for his performance as rough-and-tumble dwarf Dwalin in Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” trilogy, and more recently, the voice of Dracula himself in Netflix’s animated “Castlevania.”

A more positive force in Geralt’s adventures, High Priestess Nenneke is there offer words of wisdom and caution, and occasionally nurse the ill-fated Witcher back together when he’s ignored her sound advice. The quiet and stoic Nenneke will be played by Adjoa Andoh, recognizable for a wide body of television and voice work, including Netflix’s “Bridgerton” and a memorable performance as the cat-faced Sister Jatt in “Doctor Who.”

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A cast isn’t complete without some new villains, and the wicked sorcerer Rience will be leaving his mark, played by Chris Fulton (“Outlaw King“). A cruel and doggedly hard-headed man known for his shock and awe violence, Rience relentlessly pursues our heroes in the service of his master.

An unforgettable pair, Codringher and Fenn assist Geralt and other names of the Witcher world with knowledge, insight and not a small amount of wit. Codringher and Fenn form a partnership selling information and secrets out of their cluttered office, with Codringher the charming and sociable front man, and Fenn the rarely seen and sharp minded brains of the operation. The inseparable duo will be played by Simon Callow (“Shakespeare in Love,” “Outlander“) as Codringher and Liz Carr (“The OA,” “Devs“) as Fenn.

Rounding out the new casting reveals is the Elven runaway Ba’lian. Recently escaped of anti-human sentiments, Ba’lian is a strong moral compass to those around him, and drives for survival in a world stacked against him and his fellow Elves. Ba’lian will be played by “Downton Abbey” alum Kevin Doyle.

With a world thick with mythology and full of characters as “The Witcher,” we can’t wait to see who else turns up when season 2 finally drops. With some fan favorites still yet to be announced, who can’t you wait to see?

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