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“Sharks of the Corn” is an Actual Movie-Coming Summer of 2021

If “Sharknado” and its sequels weren’t quite outrageous enough for you, or didn’t lampoon the works of Stephen King as much as you would’ve liked, then writer-director Tim Ritter has you covered. This summer, Ritter will be releasing “Sharks of the Corn,” a horror-comedy that pretty much tells you exactly what to expect, with just a dash extra.

Ritter is a unique character in the independent film community. His career as a director stretches back to 1984 with the release of the campy, low-budget slasher flick, “Day of the Reaper.” As is the case with many a camp b-movie director, Ritter developed a cult following with perhaps his “Truth or Dare” series being the most notable of his endeavors.

The last few years have seen Ritter mostly directing shorter horror pieces as segments for larger films. “Sharks of the Corn” sees his return to feature length filmmaking in gloriously low-budget style. The trailer pretty much tells you everything you need to know about whether or not this film will be up your alley.

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There is nothing about this trailer that looks redeeming from the perspective of high-class cinema. In fairness, you can also tell that Ritter is keenly aware of that fact. It looks like “Sharknado” without the budget. Sometimes the lack of funding can help fuel creative ways to capture what you want the audience to experience in exciting and clever ways. Other times it leads to incredible train wrecks. Either way, there’s the potential here for this to be the kind of film you would enjoy out of pure, campy, love.

This seems like the kind of film that the less you know about going into, the better off you’ll be. If you can resist reading the trailer’s plot description on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter, “Sharks of the Corn” will be released to DVD and Video-On-Demand platforms this July.

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