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This Pichu Figure Charges Phones With Its Cheek!

There’s about to be a hot new phone charger in town and it’s this adorable little Pichu! This new charger will charge your phone with electricity from his cheek. It’s cute, it’s useful and we need it now!

Using just clay and incorporating an apple wireless charger Clay Yoshirin was able to make something cute and functional. I know I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated phone charging space if it was to hold this little guy.

Unfortunately it’s likely not for sale. The creator of this item does have a video illustrating how they made it if you decide you’d like to make one yourself!

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If it happens that they do start selling this on Etsy or any other place we will let you know. We will be keeping an eye on this creator and crossing our fingers they want to make them for the masses.

Follow Clay Yoshirin on  Twitter and YouTube.

Clay Yoshirin
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