Pokémon GO Announces Fletchling Community Day

Niantic, makers of Pokémon GO announced the community day for March will focus on tiny bird, Fletchling! On Saturday March 6th, 2021 from 11am to 5pm local time orange and white birds will be everywhere on your game screen.

Image Credit: Niantic & The Pokemon Company

This marks the first time in several months there has been a brand new shiny variant offered on a community day. Fall colors seem to be the order of the day. Fletchling, Fletchinde, and Talonflame all replace their white bellies with a light brown. A nice pairing with the Orange and dark red! Any Talonflame you evolve will know the community day exclusive move Incinerate. This works well with it’s Fire/flying typing for a “STAB” (same type attack bonus.)

On Saturday March 6th, 2021 the event will last from 11am to 5pm wherever you are. If you use an incense to draw Pokémon to your location, it will last for three hours.

Note that you can immediately use another incense which will add to your timer to last six hours. You will also earn triple XP every time you catch a Pokémon during this time. If you are using a lucky egg during the event you can earn up to 6000 XP for each catch that you make with an “excellent” throw!

Additional features:

Snapshot photobombs, the community day special research story, and a community day box in the shop.

When you take a snapshot of any Pokémon during the event, you will be rewarded with a Fletchling photobombing, which will then spawn near you. This is an opportunity to get creative with your photography!

In the shop for one US dollar (or your local equivalent) you can purchase the Special Research story named “The Bravest Bird.” These stories give you more tasks and reward you with additional encounters. You can expect to earn at least one Fletchling, one Fletchinde and one Talonflame from it.

Finally, there will be a special one time purchase Community day box available for 1280 PokéCoins. It will include 50 Ultra Balls, five lucky Eggs, a Poffin and an Elite Fast TM.

Fletchling represents the very first Pokémon from the Kalos region (aka Generation 6) to be featured in community day! With a brand new shiny never before seen in the game, and a huge opportunity to gain massive amounts of XP and stardust, this looks like a great day to be a Pokémon Go player.

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