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Macramé Cat Bed Hammocks for Your Feline Friend

Ready to Netflix and chill with your best buddy? Just need a seat that will allow him optimal viewing while not putting his tail in your face? Well if that’s the case you should check out these cool macramé cat bed hammocks we’ve found online.


Now your cat can sit among your hanging plants(please make sure they aren’t poisonous to them) as they relax and watch everything that’s going on. We all know our cats love to supervise and certain breeds like to be high up. Some people have cat trees while others make stairs that go up the wall. These hammocks will give them the sensation of being able to judge you from above.

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What’s also neat is that you can hang these from the ceiling or the wall. the strap on the top is adjustable so you can place this anywhere you have some free space. You will also want to make sure you attach them to a stud in the wall or ceiling, especially if your cat is chonky.

They actually offer multiple different cat hammocks on Amazon but this is the one that drew our attention to them in the first place.

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