Starry Night Swimming Pool Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

What would be more relaxing than swimming in the stars? What if you could swim inside a painting? Well if you’ve ever wanted to do either of those things you should check out this amazing pool.

Artists Camila Despalanques and Rocío Fernández (of Amancay Murales) are responsible for the design. They painted a Starry Night inspired design on the bottom of a pool so that when you added water the strokes would seem to move. Just like the illusion that Vincent Van Gogh‘s original Starry Night had with its brush strokes.

They posted images of the pool on their Instagram and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

The pool is 22 x 11 ft. They’ve included the night sky, stars and a glowing moon. This would no doubt look even more wonderful at night.

Follow them on Instagram by clicking the link here.

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