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Starbuck’s Secret Menu: How to Order a Peach Gummy Drink

You ever really really want candy but can’t quite give in to the craving? Ever crave peach gummies? Well there is a happy medium and that’s ordering a peach gummy starbucks drink that tastes EXACTLY like the candy. Like a lot of people this year I started with the “new year, new you” perspective so I’m actively trying to cut out candy because I tend to go overboard. I’ve found however that I’m able to crush my craving by ordering this drink and then I don’t think about it the rest of the day. Here’s how you order a peach gummy drink from starbucks.


Ask For:

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  • Venti
  • Half sweet black tea lemonade
  • Add peach tea
  • Add a splash of soymilk

And that’s it! The results are amazing! Big thanks to for posting this on their Instagram. It’s everything we could ask for in a secret menu item.

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