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A Collection of Nerdy DIY Paper Snowflakes

So it would seem that finding a pattern for Mando and Grogu snowflakes has led me down a rabbit hole of trying to find other nerdy snowflakes to make. Luckily there are plenty of instructables online so I’m now able to share with you my findings!

Legend of Zelda & Mario

The Nifty Nerd
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The Nifty Nerd has posted their own Legend of Zelda and Mario snowflakes. These ones look a little more complicated than the Mando and Grogu one but it is completely doable. I highly recommend using a coated laserjet paper though if you don’t want it to rip as easily seeing as there are so many cuts in them.

Super Heroes has a collection of some really cool super hero snowflakes ranging from the Avengers to Batman. Check them out by clicking the link here.


If you have kids then you know Minecraft is something that is unavoidable in conversation. Well now you can make some really cool pixelated Minecraft paper snowflakes to decorate your already nerdy home! You can check out the pattern for these on


Who doesn’t love LEGO? From the popular LEGO movies to the games odds are someone in your house loves them. These paper snowflakes are a cool craft for not just kids but also adults. They say that if you have a single hole punch too it will help with the eyes. Check them out at

Harry Potter

The Nifty Nerd

Any “Harry Potter” fans in the house? Well I’ve found some cool Harry Potter snowflakes that you can make yourself! The ones by designsbymissmandee are a bit more complicated. But any of these can be printed out and cut with an exact-o knife if you have one.

Dr. Who

In love with the Dr.? Well now you can make some Dr. Who and Tardis snowflakes. Just click here for the free pattern.

Star Wars

Here are some that I found for free on You can check out the patterns for the Darth Vader one here and the Stormtrooper one here.

These ones you may have to pay for. They are made by Anthony Herrera and are amazing in every way. He has the patterns listed on his website but he also has a free video where he shows you how to make some.

And of course the original article with Mando and Grogu that sparked it all can be read here.

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