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New Age-Restricted Cards Against Marvel Game is Out Now!

If you’re into the Cards Against Humanity series and just happen to love Marvel too, then we’ve got a card game mash up you won’t want to miss.

Games Not Sold in the Shops

Games Not Sold In The Shops now has a Cards Against Marvel game that is exactly what you might expect from the name. This game has an age restriction for good reason!

Games Not Sold in the Shops

Game Rules:

This is how to play:

• There are 944 playing cards in total. 298 blue cards with white script and 644 white cards with blue script.

• Each round, one player reads from a blue card and everyone, in turn, answers with their funniest white card.

• And they’re very shocking. For instance, a red card might read: “Thor decided _______________ would help The Avengers.”

• Choose a white card and the answer might be: “Captain America molding a sex toy.”

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Any fan of Marvel will be as satisfied with this game as Mary Jane is with Spider-Man.

Games Not Sold in the Shops


With only 2-6 days shipping time, you won’t have to wait long. Take advantage but be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of buying a pirate version of the game. There are other sites out there selling shorter versions with less cards filled with spelling errors! It would be a terrible mistake, almost as bad as sending Hulk into Space!

Not for the easily offended and sensitive. Unlike most party games you’ve played, Cards Against Marvel™ is as despicable and as awkward as you and your friends.

Shipping times: All orders ship from Los Angeles via FedEx Mail. Please allow a maximum of 5 working days for the product to deliver. You will be able to track your order once it is placed, in “Track Your Order.”

Cards Not Sold in the Shops satisfaction guarantee: If we do not hold up to expectations please Contact our quick responding and helpful team to send back your order for your 30 day money back guarantee.

Age restriction

Please note this game is for adults only and only recommended for 17+. If you are under 17 years old please do not buy this game as it violates their buyer regulations.

You can get your copy of the game here.

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