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Hospital Hires a Dog Whose Only Job is to Say Hi to Other Employees

It’s always been a dream of mine to work in a place that has a workplace pet. Like when you go into the veterinarian’s office and they have the cat sitting on the desk. Well one hospital went a step beyond that and “hired” a dog whose only job is to go around and say hi to other employees.

Dogs are great stress relievers and tend to make you feel more at ease just by petting them. So Shiloh’s main job is to help decrease stress and anxiety that her fellow co-workers might be feeling.

Shari Dunaway MD
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The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has Shiloh listed in a volunteer position. When concerned people on Twitter asked whether or not she was being compensated for her work they assured them that she was. She gets all the treats, pets and walks a dog could dream of. Not to mention a lot of interaction with amazing friends.

Those who work on the frontlines right now can use all the stress relief they can get and if Shiloh is helping even a little that’s a pretty amazing thing. One thing is for certain, Shiloh is a very good dog.

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