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The Rise Of Online Casinos In 2020

Over the last decade more and more people have been signing up and playing with online casinos as their popularity has grown tenfold. But 2020 has seen even more new users jump on board for various different reasons.

Although online gambling and casinos has been around since the early 90s, over the past few years as technology has become better there has not only been a huge increase in new users but also a massive increase of new online casino websites, in fact there are now more than 2500 online casino websites in the United States Of America alone.

The Year Of The Pandemic

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2020 has been a very unique year due to the Covid19 and the ongoing pandemic which has resulted in multiple lockdowns across the globe.

Due to this more people are having to stay home on a more regular basis to help with social distancing measures. The entertainment sector has been one of the industries that has been hit hardest but fortunately for online casinos this has actually boosted new sign ups and users.

As people are now looking for more ways to keep entertained while stuck at home, many have been turning to online gaming and online casinos to help fill their time.

Gaming with an online casino is a great thrilling and exciting way to pass the time as not only is it fun but also gives you the opportunity, if luck is on your side, to win some money. So this has been an attractive option for those people who have either been in lockdown or shielding at home.

Advancement In Technology

The internet has really advanced over the past ten years or so, which has also helped grow the marketplace for online casinos. 

Gone are the basic bland websites of old and in their place are new flashy and impressive websites that attract new users to sign up all the time.

Mobile technology has also helped attract new users to online casinos, with many now offering their own mobile smart apps or mobile friendly websites. 

This means the user is now able to play their favourite games such as roulette, poker or slots online wherever and whenever they feel like it. All they now need to do is pull out their smart mobile phone from their pocket and they are away.

Social Media

Every business in every sector now has to have social media pages to engage with their audience. Whether it is facebook, twitter, instagram or any number of other social media platforms that are available.

Social media has opened up the door for online casinos to new users and the younger generation that now spends so much time using social media.

A clever and good online casino will use their social media pages to show off their services, new games and offers to help attract new users to sign up and play their games. It is a clever and very cheap marketing tool for them and if used wisely can really attract large numbers of new sign ups.


You may or may not have noticed that there are now so many more new television adverts, especially during the day time, advertising online casinos.

Again this is a clever marketing campaign that has worked wonders during the 2020 pandemic. As previously mentioned more people than normal are either working from home or staying home a lot more if the time, so running daytime adverts has really boosted new sign ups for many online casinos.

Crude as it may seem it has also worked due to the amount of people now struggling financially due to the Covid19 situation. People have been signing up in the hope of winning their fortunes with their online casino.

Sign Up Bonuses And Rewards

Although this is nothing new to online casinos it is another reason why so many new players have been signing up the last few years.

Most will offer some kind of sign up bonus or reward for depositing and gambling the first time with your chosen online casino.

They do these offers as a way to try and entice you to use their online casino. Many of these types of bonuses will include offering to double or sometimes even triple your first deposit or first bet. Others bonuses may include free spins with a chosen slot machine or a point based system where you earn rewards the more you play.

Beware though most of these bonuses come with strict rules and terms and conditions, where you may only be able to withdraw winnings from these types of bets after they have been used so many times. So always read the small print first.

There are new games and different themes being added to online casinos on a daily basis but the traditional games still seem to be the most popular.

Roulette, poker, black jack, craps and slots online are by far the most played online casino games. Most are pretty simple to understand and play which is another reason they attract so many players.

The good thing with most online casinos is that they now offer free versions of all these games on their websites, so should you be new to the games or would just like to play without actually risking any money then you can do so with the free play versions.

In the last year the online slot games have been the most popular with new players, probably due to their simple rules and their large rewards should you win the jackpots that are on offer.

To Sum Up

The future’s looking bright for online casinos even with a devastating pandemic that is taking place and ruining so many other sectors of the business world.

As more and more new users sign up to play online casino games and with even more exciting technology just around the corner, the world of online casinos has never been stronger.

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