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Adidas Unveils “Cyberpunk 2077” Shoes Perfect for Night City

Have you ever wondered what it would be like going for a run among the chaotic streets of Night City? If so, these sneakers may be perfect for you. Adidas has teamed up with CD Projekt Red to bring us a special line of “Cyberpunk 2077″sneakers.

This colorful collection is comprised of two different silouhettes, X9000L4 and X90004D. For the X90004D, we have one sneaker. It’s a black Primeknit sneaker with the yellow Cyberpunk logo across the side. Yellow shoelaces add another pop of color to the design. Most noticeably, the bottom portion of the shoes looks like it should be cushiony with its criss-cross netting.

Image Credit: Adidas & CD Projekt Red

The X9000L4 design offers us four colors to choose from: gray, white, black and purple with leopard pattern. For the white pair, we see accents of hot pink and black. Across the bottom is the word “punk” in a light blue. Meanwhile, the black pair keeps its simple with just the word “punk” in red. On the gray pair, we see a sort of swirling pattern that looks like someone took a lead pencil to the shoes. There are also accents of black, gold, orange and the word “punk” in silver. Finally, the leopard pattern is primarily black and purple. However, it does offer gold accents including the word “punk.”

All Image Credits: Adidas & CD Projekt Red
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There is no official launch date for this new collection yet. However, many are expecting a November 11 launch. Prices for the sneakers range from $190 to $250. Most importantly, these collaborative shoes will NOT be available worldwide. In fact, according to CD Projekt Red business relations director Rafal Jaki, they will only be available in selected Asian markets. So, you may need to jump through some hoops to snag a pair.

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