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Man Feeds Mob of Raccoons to Honor His Late Wife’s Wishes

For a while the Blackwood family who lived on the coast of Nova Scotia would regularly feed the local raccoons every night. It was after James Blackwood’s wife died of cancer that he vowed to keep feeding the hungry mob. Honoring one of her dying wishes to make sure that they were taken care of.

Now James makes YouTube videos to share the joy of taking care of what are now quite rotund raccoons. And we’re so happy that we found him. He uploads them to his channel the “Raccoon Whisperer” and seeing him feed them in action is an uplifting experience.

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Now we don’t recommend feeding wild animals regularly, but where he lives he is surrounded by them. He is living in the middle of a very foresty area and these animals have now become dependent on him for their food. Which is why they tell you not to feed them in the first place. But he continues to feed them every day since his wife’s death in 2003. So he’s very committed to the the cause.

If you’re wondering how much he feeds them daily, it’s 20lbs of hot dogs, two bags of grapes and some cookies for dessert. That’s a lot of food! And he tells us that it’s not just the regulars who come by, once they have babies they bring them too. So he’s now looking after generations of raccoons.

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