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5 Top Activities for Game Lovers Visiting Japan

If you’ve visited Japan, you’ll opine that it has a rich gaming history. It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy indoor or outdoor games, you’ll get them all in the country.

Even better, the country has an advanced transport system which will help you to explore the gaming culture in different regions. You’ll have the chance to interact with world-renowned gamers in different genres!

If you’re wondering about the activities that you can undertake in Japan for fun, then worry no more! This article highlights the top 5 activities that you should have on your bucket list whenever you visit the country.

Activities to Enjoy in Japan

  1. Visit a Sumo Table to Watch Wrestling Practice

Sumo is one of the oldest games in Japan. It offers blood-curdling experiences as two opponents face each other in a circular ring. The primary goal of the players is to force the opponent into the ground or out of the ring.

Photo by Alan Stoddard from Pexels

Attending training sessions gives you an up-close and more personalized experience with the game. You will understand the rules and interact with the players, which is highly fulfilling.

The country has more than 40 Sumo training stables located in different regions. A majority of them do not accept visitors. As such, you should always call ahead to confirm your visit.

Some of the popular stables that allow visitors include Kasugano Beya, Musashigawa Beya, and Takasago Beya.

If you don’t understand the Japanese language, you’ll need a translator to ensure that you enjoy your visit optimally.

  1. Attend a Baseball Game

Japanese people are passionate about baseball. Attending a match will offer you a chance to interact directly with the locals, in a relatively calm and jovial environment.

If it’s your first time to attend a baseball match in Japan, you’ll get thrilled by the different activities associated with cheering and motivating the players. For example, waving umbrellas, having designated cheerleaders, and eating tasty edamame.

Some of the most popular venues you should consider visiting include the Tokyo Dome and the outdoor Jingu Stadium.

  1. Play Pachinko
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While Japan’s casino industry is highly regulated, Pachinko is widespread and highly accepted in the region. This is a traditional Japanese arcade game that challenges the players to fire balls into a maze of metal pins.

Your primary intention should be to capture as many balls as you can. Each of the balls will be accompanied by a reward that you can cash later.

If you don’t understand the basics of the game, you can always get playing guidelines in, which is one of the most reputable online casino sites. Alternatively, you can opt for the more expensive option of hiring a trainer to guide you through the tricks. 

  1. Visit a Video Game Arcade

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll certainly love the Japanese video game arcades. Tokyo’s Akihabara district has some of the most diverse arcades you’ll ever come across!

These game-filled sites allow you to enjoy both modern and classic games spread through different genres, ranging from arcade games to multiplayer mech games. Additionally, you can opt to watch as many skilled players engage in thrilling gaming sessions. 

  1. Enjoy Karaoke

After a busy day for game lovers, singing karaoke in the evening will be highly therapeutic. This is an integral part of Japanese culture that attracts both foreign and local tourists.

While singing Karaoke tunes, you’ll not only release your stress but also get a chance to interact with the locals. You’ll learn a lot of cultural practices from the Japanese people.

Other Activities to Undertake in Japan

Besides sports, Japan has many other incredible attractions that’ll surely leave you wonderstruck. Some of the activities to enjoy include:

  • Explore the Anime World. Japan has an amazing anime culture. You can visit shops that sell anime products to unleash your inner anime self!
  • Visit the Meiji Shrine. This is a must-visit place, especially if you want to understand the culture of the Japanese people better
  • Enjoy Japan’s Local Festivals. There are plenty of Matsuris that you can enjoy while in Japan. You’ll get a chance to enjoy Japanese meals, traditional dresses, dances, and interact with Japanese people. Some common activities include Snow Festival (February), Summer Fireworks Matsuri, and Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri (February)

Japan has a lot to offer regardless of your interests. You’ll enjoy the sports, culture, foods, weather, and many other attractions.

The Bottom Line

If you love learning new skills and enjoying different cultures, then Japan should be on your bucket list. It offers numerous fun activities and immense opportunities to learn new things that’ll impact your life positively.

This article compiles some of the most rewarding activities you can participate in whenever you visit Japan. If you follow the guidelines, you can be sure that visiting the country will be an unforgettable experience.

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