Scientists Extract Insect DNA from Tree Sap- No Way This Could Possibly Go Wrong

You know that thing in zombie movies where it’s like the genre doesn’t exist within that particular film’s world? Like they don’t know the warning signs of the undead rising, or how to go for the head? It’s kind of like these scientists- who have successfully extracted insect DNA from tree resin. Now where have we heard that idea before?

You can read all about the study and subsequent findings on Journal PLOS ONE here (which really is fascinating, no matter how many jokes we make about it), and the contributing authors here.

Photo courtesy of PLOS ONE

The gist of this particular extraction was to try to determine just how long (and if it was actually possible) the DNA of insects enclosed in resinous materials can be preserved.

Very fragile DNA was still preserved in the samples, actually.

Which means that step one of Michael Crichton‘s science fiction horror story is complete?

No one tell Elon Musk, ok? He’s already well into James Bond villain territory.

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