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Jon M. Chu Steps Away from Directing Disney+ “Willow” Series Pilot

Bit of an update, but it would appear that “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu, who was previously announced as directing the upcoming “Willow” series for Disney+ has had to step away from the project.

In a tweet posted this am, Chu explains:

No comment from Disney on the news yet, or who may be stepping in to take over.

This update was posted to our previous article, which you can read below.

We are pleased to report the news that Disney+’s upcoming television series based on Ron Howard‘s high fantasy film “Willow” is indeed happening! Jon M. Chu, who previously helmed “Crazy Rich Asians” to much acclaim from critics and audiences alike, will be directing the series pilot.

Yes, Warwick Davis WILL be returning to star was Willow!

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We know that Jonathan Kasdan has penned the pilot, and that Ron Howard will be involved as executive producer on the series. Bob Dolman, who wrote the script for the original “Willow” film, will be serving as consulting producer.

According to Variety, Kathleen Kennedy, Michelle Rejwan, Jonathan Kasdan, Wendy Mericle are all executive producing, with Roopesh Parekh and Hannah Friedman as co-executive producers, and Julia Cooperman producing.

In a statement about the news, Chu said:

“Growing up in the’80s, ‘Willow’ has had a profound effect on me. The story of the bravest heroes in the least likely places allowed me, an Asian-American kid growing up in a Chinese restaurant looking to go to Hollywood, to believe in the power of our own will, determination and of course, inner magic. So the fact that I get to work with my heroes from Kathleen Kennedy to Ron Howard is bigger than a dream come-true. It’s a bucket-list moment for me. Jon Kasdan and Wendy Mericle have added such groundbreaking new characters and delightful surprises to this timeless story that I can’t wait for the world to come along on this epic journey with us.”

Howard said of news:

“It’s creatively exciting to not only revisit the world and characters first conceived by George Lucas, Bob Dolman and myself but to see it take flight in such fresh, fun and cinematic ways through the imagination of Jon Kasdan and Team Willow. This isn’t a nostalgic throw-back, it’s a creative lean-forward and it’s a blast to be a part of it all.”

No word yet on casting, but we can’t wait to see if Chris Evans gets the chance to play Mad Martigan.

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