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Check Out This New “Skin Collection” Furniture

So while going through Facebook as one does when they’re bored it was shared that someone got this amazing chair on their Facebook Ads. Now what could be so amazing about a chair you ask? Well the fact that it was part of Pepe Heykoop’s new “Skin Collection”. And you know what? I couldn’t help but think that our good friend Buffalo Bill had something to do with it.

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Ted Levine, 1991. ©Orion Pictures Corp/courtesy Everett Collection

Now if you’re wondering what exactly the furniture looks like, well… here goes!

Skin Collection Computer Chair

This computer chair is not only bound together with various leathers, it also has seams in many interesting places, but is also over $3,000.

Skin Collection Mirror

This mirror is also selling for over $3k. And boy is it pretty. What kind of skin did they use for this? Well Pepe Heykoop is using discarded leathers that other manufacturers had no use for. It’s part of a found objects trend in art and also goes along with using the whole animal and not wasting anything.

Thonet Chair
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Not exactly sure what a Thonet Chair is but doesn’t it look pretty? Sitting at over $5k for the chair you can’t go wrong! And if you don’t like this version, they also do custom skin chairs.


This bench is beautiful and only a little over $7k. From the information about the collection we know that these are all made using recycled pieces of leather. Here’s what Pepe has to say about the whole thing on the site:

In the industry lots of material is wasted. After finding out over 25% of any leather skin ends up in leftovers I was inspired to create the Skin Collection. While researching this phenomenon it was clear that this is the common result in producing leather sofas, bags and jackets. Nearly the entire Leather industry deals with the fact that the animals shape does not meet their patterns. The amount of leather scraps shocked me.

In reaction upon that I started to collect the offcuts. Randomly putting them together applying them as a new skin to existing objects. I have had the habit ever since to collect damaged or discarded furniture’s from the street and flea markets and collected them at my studio. Skin Collection makes use of merging these types of frames for its skeleton, a skin of leather leftovers growing as a cell like structure covering the objects. We do custom editions as well so get in contact if you want your item to be skinned.

As much as I joke about how Buffalo Bill would covet this collection it is pretty neat. Though I would probably only use it for furnishing a set in a horror movie. What do you think about it?

Check out the whole collection by clicking the link here. There are a few pieces that I left out such as a child’s lamp that eerily put a tricycle and lamp together with skin.

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