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Starbucks Releases a Sweet Potato Latte in Japan!

If you’re going to be in Japan for some Halloween shenanigans you may want to check out the newest convenient store treat from Starbuck’s. They’ve had sweet potato drinks before but now to make things even easier they are selling a latte that can be purchased anywhere.

The sweet potato latte’ is a coffee-based drink made into a creamy latte with a subtle and fragrant sweet potato flavor. Japan often has sweet potato as a traditional Autumn treat. They’ve adorned the cup with some spooky fun designs and it is being sold seasonally this year.

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I don’t know about you but I definitely want to try this. If only they would bring these flavors to the states it would make us so happy. Especially those of us who want to travel specifically to sample the countries traditional treats.

They will be selling this drink at most convenient stores until September 22nd, and the drink itself will cost around 200 yen.

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