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Surprise- “The Princess Bride” Reunion Live Script Read Happening

We are so pleased to report the news of a live script read with “The Princess Bride” cast is happening later this month! This news is not to be confused with that adorable and well meant “The Princess Bride” live reenactment Quibi did with notable personalities.

Stars Cary Elwes (Wesley, Dread Pirate Roberts), Robin Wright (Buttercup), Carol Kane (Valerie), Chris Sarandon (Prince Humperdink), Mandy Pantinkin (Inigo Montoya), Wallace Shawn (Vizzini), Billy Crystal (Miracle Max), director Rob Reiner, and special guests are joining together to raise money for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

The reunion read through will only air once, on a livestream starting at 6pm CT on September 13th 2020.

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This will be followed by a Cast Q&A moderated by Patton Oswalt.

You can donate to the cause, which will grant you access to the live stream, here.

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