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Get Your Own “Rodent of Unusual Size” Plush From ‘The Princess Bride’

Inconceivable! The Princess Bride has been one of the biggest movies within the nerd zone for a long time. It’s always been the go to movie for people to say was their favorite, especially when picking up women for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because liking this movie co-notates that you have a sense of humor or a sensitive soul, but it’s always been kind of a pick up line. At least in my world. Anyways… is now selling a “Rodent of Unusual Size” that is made by them and officially licensed. And you’re sure not to have this already because it JUST came out.

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Westley and Buttercup encounter a “Rodent of Unusual Size” in the Fire Swamp. It is notoriously dangerous and eat anything including humans. But don’t worry, they only attack if they smell blood or outnumber their opponent. So having one around the house shouldn’t be too much trouble.

  • Princess Bride Rodent of Unusual Size Stuffed Toy
  • 100% polyester faux fur
  • Stuffed toy has button eyes and nose
  • Appliqued foam teeth and felt claws
  • Officially licensed

It’s going for $24.99 and if you get it soon they have shipping options so that you will get it before the Holidays. This would be a great gift for any fan of The Princess Bride. Especially paired with a date night or late night with friends watching the movie. No matter how old we get the quotes will never get old. And the message will always ring true. That true love conquers all things. Even R.O.U.S.s

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