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Earn With Fun: Best Online Game Strategies for Newbies

When video games had hit the scene for the first time, they were not very well-received by a vast majority of parents. Because they thought playing games would only turn children into a couch potato. However, over time, many elaborate studies established the cognitive benefits of gaming, such as enhancing decision-making skills, improving memory, boosting attention span, and so on. It is one reason why modern-day guardians encourage kids to indulge in quality games.

So much so, gaming has also paved the way for earning opportunities. If you happen to be an enthusiastic gamer, you could generate more revenue than any ordinary job. Here is the list of strategies that will help you make an income of six, seven, or even figures depending on your expertise:


All games go through an in-depth testing process before making it to the market. No company practices to launch a game that is encompassed with glitches and subsequently ruins its reputation. As a playtester, you will have to identify these technical flaws and come up with honest reviews so everything can get fixed accordingly.

In the past, game companies would often hire playtesters who lived near their headquarters. However, that is not the case anymore. Today, game testers operate remotely from any nook and cranny of the world.

That said, a playtester has to do more than merely engaging in a typical gaming session. It would help if you were well-equipped with necessary tools like a bug tracking system, test suite, etc. More importantly, you must have an analytical mind.


Despite being a new advent, esports competitions are accumulating a lot of popularity. Gamers are earning thousands of dollars by winning PvP (Player versus Player) tournaments. Some people are investing their cash to avail of an esports betting bonus through various online platforms.

Mastering famous games, including Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty, can seriously balloon your income. Stats reveal that an average gamer can easily earn up to 5000 dollars in a month, which accounts for 60000 dollars per year. If you prove your mettle as a player, the sponsors will also reach out to you and pay a handsome amount.


There could be many reasons why working for an organization may not go down well with many gamers. For example, it could lead to unnecessary work pressure and disturb the work-life balance. In that case, setting up a YouTube channel could be the best alternative because it will offer a high degree of freedom. You can choose the working hours as well as take a break at your convenience. Now, are you wondering what kind of content is going to attract maximum game-geeks on YouTube? Here is your answer:

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  • Give detailed reviews and break down why a specific game is good or bad for your audience.
  • Do you have a nag for cracking jokes? If yes, you can utilize this skill during a live Let’s Play (LP) session and keep viewers engaged for a long duration.
  • Share insights and help people gaining command over a variety of games.

Of course, things will not turn around overnight. But you will gradually consolidate your footprint. Once you have enough audience, game brands will pay you for mentioning them in your videos.  


Game developers are widely in demand today. Leading game companies hire a game developer’s services for a hefty 83000 dollars per year. As you can see, this job is gratifying as far as materialistic perks are concerned. But it can also take a toll on an individual due to its extremely stressful nature. Many organizations even deny holidays on essential festivals. If this sounds like a massive turn-off, consider becoming a solo game developer.


Customer service has become a critical component for every business, and the gaming industry is no exception. Game companies announce job openings for people who can effectively answer customer queries. If you have a thorough knowledge gaming-world and do a decent job when it comes to using social media channels, you are all set to earn as many as 20 dollars per hour. What is more, gaming consultants also get recruited on a part-time basis. So job flexibility is also there.  


The internet contains loads of walk-through guides on celebrated games. You have a better chance to stand out from the crowd if you push your pen on lesser-known games that have not received their due share of recognition. Besides, you may also get in touch with gaming websites and write blogs for them.


Unlike past, games no longer get regarded as a bad influence on children. This positive outlook of games has contributed to the expansion of the gaming industry. The above earning strategies stand as a testimony to that.

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