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Benedict Cumberbatch Visited Comic Book Store as Doctor Strange

As 2020 keeps ticking along and we wake up each morning asking “What fresh hell do I have to deal with today,” thank goodness for some levity. In this case, a bit of a throwback to when Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” was still in production.

Imagine if you will- you’re working in the comic book store. This is a normal day for you, just hanging out with your buddies and funny papers, surrounded by superheroes of all kinds.

Then, suddenly, Benedict Cumberbatch shows up in his full Doctor Strange costume. It happened, and it’s adorable.

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Thank you to director Scott Derrickson for posting this, we needed the smile today.

While we’re sad Derrickson won’t be helming “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness,” we are excited to see Sam Raimi return to the superhero genre in the hot seat.

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