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New Magnetic Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush Out Now!

In what would have certainly been a park exclusive like the shoulder-sitting Porg, Disney has released a new version of the magnetic buddy, The Child aka Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian!”


It works by setting a disc on the underside and it sticks to you magnetically. These are also great for putting over the oven because they won’t fall off and they keep you company while you cook. But that’s just how I’ve seen them displayed at home.

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Disney is selling these on their site, and as of right now, they are in stock and ready to ship. So if you want to get one to go with your Mandalorian cosplay you should probably jump on it now. Of course it would make more sense to me for a plush of this size to be put on a kids costume but when you’re making a cosplay it’s creators choice.

They also sell a Baby Groot version over in California Adventure, but as far as we know that will remain a park exclusive.

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