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Finally Some Good News! Hershey’s Announces Spoopy Halloween Candy

Halloween 2020 is at least shaping up to be good in the way of candy treats offered. Hershey’s announced today that they would be coming out with a bunch of cool Halloween themed versions of some of their staples. Now we may not be able to go out trick-or-treating this year(hopefully we can) but at least we will have some yummy comfort food.

Hersey’s biggest contributions to 2020 will be; a new Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup called a Franken-Cup, Kit Kat’s dyed a green color and renamed Witches Brew, Cookies and Creme Chocolate bars renamed Cookies and Creme Fangs, and Hershey’s Kisses are now going to be called Vampire Kisses.

Working our way backwards from that list, the Vampire Kisses will be milk chocolate with a red creme on the inside making it look like blood. Yum! The creme will be a strawberry flavor which is a really easy way to get something to taste like chocolate covered strawberries.


Cookies and Cream Fangs will be your classic Cookies and creme bar but the packaging will be like this. They will also have a printed fangs design into the chocolate so you can pretend you are a vampire, blah blah blah!

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Kit Kat’s Witches Brew will be the same candy we love with the wafer inside and coated in chocolate. Only the chocolate will be a green color and the packaging will be showcasing a witch.


And now we have the Reese’s Franken Cup which is essentially the same Reese’s but with a green colored bottom. This could be really useful in party decor as with all of the candies offered by Hershey’s this year. If there is anything I get excited about it’s new variations of candy.


Are you excited for Halloween this year? What are some of your favorite Halloween snacks? Tell us in the comments!

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