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WWE Requiring Facemasks Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

WWE, which has come under some scrutiny about how they treat their wrestlers amid the coronavirus, has decided to change their policy on masks. They were pushing back on shutting down production of the shows and have had to change their method for filming. They have maintained a regular schedule despite everything going on, and have even penalized wrestlers who did not feel comfortable enough wrestling during COVID-19. Now that some of their on screen personalities have tested positive including Renee Young, they’ve decided the best course of action is to require masks to be worn during taping.

Though it’s nice that they are willing to change it could be a case of too little too late. They have been handling this pandemic very poorly putting the needs of the company before the needs of the talent. Which tends to be a common curse of the WWE/WWF lifestyle.

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Before the mask mandate was put in place it is said that they discouraged masks in the Performance Center. This has been said not only by people working for them but also wrestling news outlets which covered them. Some of the days they tape are 12 hours long and that will last for three days straight.

Now though face masks being required means that they will have to have a mask on on and off air. Those that don’t comply will face a $500 fine for the first violation and $1000 for the next. They will also be testing for COVID-19 anyone who enters the Performance Center.

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