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Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal Coming to Stores Near You

Do you ever sit and wonder what things in a game would taste like? For instance, there I am sitting in the canteen in “Monster Hunter: World.” Meowscular Chef places an especially delicious-looking platter of food filled with succulent meats, a whole bowl of melted cheese and other foods in front of me. While my hunter happily munches away, I sit here in real life contemplating how delicious Anjanath meat could be. Well, how about Creepers? You know, the green, scary-looking and highly explosive enemies you find across “Minecraft.” Have you ever wondered what they may taste like?

Why are they always so terrifying? (Image Credit: Mojang Studios)
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Well, thanks to a new cereal by Kellogg’s you will soon find out. Minecraft Creeper Crunch is hitting US store shelves this August. It’s a cinnamon breakfast cereal occupied by green “Creeper Bit” marshmallows. I’m fairly certain someone just ripped off a bunch of Creepers’ heads and threw them in a cereal box. Regardless, the cereal will certainly answer the age-old question of what these annoying buggers would taste like if we decided to bite into a chunk of them. I’ll be honest, marshmallow was the last thing I was expecting. I think I expected more along the lines of sandpaper or a bunch of wood.

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My feelings aside, you will be able to purchase Creeper Crunch cereal in one of two sizes- eight ounce and twelve ounce boxes. Need a little more convincing to give a box a try? Each box will include a code to unlock one of ten clothing items in-game. So, at least you can dress your character up in some fancy clothes after devouring a bunch of explosive slime monsters. Life as a gamer is certainly strange.

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