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5 Nerdy Things to Do For Father’s Day if You Totally Forgot

Raise your hand if you were too preoccupied raising kids and working from home to remember Father’s Day is tomorrow…*raises hand*. Well maybe you didn’t forget, you did remember and then time slipped away from you. Whatever the case may be I thought maybe I should put together a list of fun things you can do to celebrate Father’s Day without having to worry about going out and buying something. Hopefully you will already have this stuff laying around the house. I know most articles will be about what to buy him, but we’re working with nothing and there are plenty of other ways to show you love someone.

5. Breakfast!

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You may be wondering, how do I make a breakfast nerdy? Well there are a couple different things you can do. For instance Jabbacado toast. Or Maybe BB8 pancakes? I’ll tell you now that for BB8 Pancakes you just have to place a big pancake at the bottom and a little one on top. Maybe add some orange slices and berries where his decorations are a viola! Plus the best part about this is the kids can help make the food so they will feel included.

4. Go For a Drive & Reminisce

Just buckle those kids in and go for a drive! Pexels

So COVID-19 this year kind of put a damper on going to the movies. That’s OK, if you live in the area where you met or started dating you can always just have an in car date. Meaning maybe you drive through your favorite fast food place, kids buckled in the backseat, and just go down memory lane. If you can come up with a list of places and memories that you can talk about even better. It’s nice to hear stories that your significant other remember about you. And it puts them in a good mood. Plus the kids get to hear more about how you met and cool facts about your relationship!

3. Dress Up in Your Favorite Cosplay and Have an Indoor Picnic

@Jay_not_John & His family
@Jay_not_John & His family

Even though you can’t go to conventions with your loved ones doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in cosplay and have a mini photo-shoot. Plus if you look super sexy in that outfit you’re about to dust off in the closet it may spark romance after the kids are put to bed.

@Badmojo_art & Pumadoescosplay
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Set out some finger snacks like cheese and crackers or blueberries and snack while taking cool pictures you can edit later. Plus you can get the kids involved if you want and have them dress up for super hero photos with dad. It would make a great memory and you would have some nice pictures to put up later.

Darien & Chibi Usa from Sailor Moon as cosplayed by @Mind.of.Twix‘s family
Earl and @badmojo_art as Red Hood doing an in home photoshoot
Earl as Afro Samurai & @Badmojo_art as Fancy Samurai Wolverine

2. Order Takeout & Play Your Favorite Old Video Games

Family Playing Guitar Hero

Remember when you first started dating and you had that favorite game? Heck maybe you met playing World of Warcraft and fell totally and deeply in love? Well make plans to do nothing, order some takeout and play all day. If your kids are older then you can introduce them to the game and tell them stories about raiding in the good old days. Or if you’re older like my husband and I and still have all the accessories for Guitar Hero and Rock Band break out the set and have the whole family play. For a while there when my daughter was 2-4 we would have her play the drums without having it plugged in. But now that she’s five and has more rhythm(Thank goodness) we’re going to actually try it as a family.

1. Have a Movie Marathon of Their Favorite Fandom

New Line Cinema/ WingNut Films

Ah the old fallback one. Does your partner hardly have time to themselves anymore? Maybe they had to work all day and come home only to try and decompress. What better way to relax than putting on some of their favorite films and just melting into each other’s arms. Depending on the franchise and how old the kids are you may want to wait until after they go to bed. Or have dad explain the special effects and start them into a love of the horror genre. It depends on the kid but some really take to seeing the scary stuff and having it explained to them. Make some popcorn and pretend you’re at the movies! Lights out and cuddles on the couch.

Or you could always make them a card…

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